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Racial Equity Training - Announcement

August 14, 2023 2:32 PM | Anonymous

Racial Equity Training - Announcement from the Overdose Prevention Program

WISAM is sharing this racial equity training designed for organizations and providers working with people who use drugs. The training, "Taking Action on Racial Equity in Drug User Health Programs," was developed in collaboration with In the Works and Reframe Health. It consists of three modules: 

• Racial Equity in Overdose & Drug User Health—This module will discuss race, racism and how overlapping systems of oppression can impact the lives of people who use substances, including its important to drug user health. 

• Addressing Institutional Racism within Organizations—This module will focus on institutional racism within organizations, specifically which practices and policies create inequity for BIPOC staff, and further explore how interpersonal interactions can contribute to inequity.

• Racial Equity in Planning, Data, and Action—This module will discuss integration of racial equity into service provision and external facing work, what kind of information can inform our work and how to identify goals and targets and work with community partners

The modules are available as a free e-course and can be taken at your own pace. The total course, including supplemental sections, will take approximately six hours to complete. There are supplemental resources provided, including downloadable handouts, worksheets, and a glossary. In order to access the course, you must enroll for the course through this link. 

We encourage you to also share this opportunity with other groups that you think will benefit from this resource. Please feel free to share any thoughts or suggestions you may have after accessing the modules. We hope this course will help meet the needs of your organization and improve programming.

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